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Emperor DragonflyPotato CapsidSmall BlueFemale Common DarterCommon Blue damselfliesRingletPoplar Leaf Beetle (Chrysomela populi)Poplar Leaf Beetle (Chrysomela populi)Black & white bee (No ID)GrasshopperFemale Blue-tailed damselfly (violacea form)Common Green GrasshopperCommon Blue DamselfliesEmerald DamselflyFemale Common DarterDrone FlyTachinid flyMale Meadow BrownImmature Large Red DamseslflyJuvenile Blue-tailed Damselfly, female form rufescens

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Stephen Ransome
Hi Kev

Just registered too. Lol

Steve Ransome(non-registered)
Hiyah Kev matey......Sorry, not been here for a while. stuff to do. Dave's Memorial Bench is now instated and have been chocker block with other stuff.
This site of yours is great and the photos are very very good.

Do us a favour, if I don't pop by for some time, give me a nudge to remind me.

Cheers Kev, all the best.
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